Assembly Services

At Specialty Printing & Processing, our expert team provides total turnkey assembly services at industry-competitive prices. As a reliable one-stop shop for customers across diverse industries, we offer numerous post-production services, including custom laminating, die cutting, kitting, packaging, assembly, and delivery.

We also have the ability to design and produce engineered plastic assemblies for complex and multiple-part components. Our complete assembly service package includes procurement, fabrication, and modification services, and we can completely put together each plastic, electrical, or mechanical assembly as needed. Plus, to add even more value for our customers, we offer a wide variety of secondary services as well.

Die Cutting

Die cutting, using steel-rule dies, is the industry’s standard practice for cutting shaped parts or parts involving interior cutouts, tabs, or large volumes. While we produce all of our roll labels using customized tooling, in many cases we also use regular tools to create common die shapes and sizes. Our die-cutting capabilities allow us to make specialized cuts, which is particularly important for projects that require complex or customized features.

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to take on nearly any job. For graphics produced on thicker or larger materials that require a special shape/size, a unique contour, or internal holes/cutouts, for instance, we can use our large-format flatbed plotter/router to cut, plot, or route a computer-controlled shape or design. Or for smaller quantities, or larger products, we have our Gerber M3000 machine available, serving as a digital solution for kiss-cutting or die-cutting products, rather than using a traditional steel-rule die press. For very thick or heavy products, our AXYZ CNC flatbed router is able to tackle the job.

To meet clients’ unique specifications, our skilled team can use this equipment on a wide variety of materials — including vinyl, polyester, polycarbonate, Coroplast®, acrylic, Dibond®, expanded PVC, some types of metals, and fiberboard.


We also offer kitting services, in which separate, but related, items are grouped, packaged, and supplied together as one unit. Kitting may be used for a complete set of labels for a certain piece of equipment, hardware or special subassemblies, special electrical connectors, or medical device components. For example, we’ve kitted label sets for weighing devices, hardware for overhead crane installations, electrical connectors for a medical device, repair kits, and components for material-handling equipment repair.

Specialty Printing & Processing offers a wide range of assembly, packaging, and delivery services — including repackaging, sorting, counting, separating, material segregating, material combining, sourcing bulk quantities of product, and dividing products into selling quantities. Our facility’s sophisticated delivery system allows for a wide range of functions and capabilities, such as custom labeling, bar-coding, lot control, and FIFO (first-in, first-out) product handling. We also offer Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery for every product, and can efficiently and safely deliver even the most sensitive or fragile products, such as pharmaceuticals, silicon/rubber bumpers, splice kits, material-handling solutions, micro-switch assemblies, input/output plates, and fall-monitoring devices.

Our wide selection of packaging options ensures an effective solution for each unique product. Packaging options include boxes, bags, shrink wrap, pallets, repackaging of original containers, bulk containers, and blister packaging. Our state-of-the-art equipment guarantees each product is packaged correctly to prevent loss and damage; our packaging, cutting, laminating, screen-printing, and digital-printing equipment, as well as our ZED machinery and precision-weigh counting scales, allow us to provide a huge range of options.

Engineered Plastic Assemblies

We offer engineered plastic assembly services to complement our high-quality screen and digital printing capabilities, which are used for graphics, company logos, diagrams, and so on. We offer procurement, fabrication, and modification services, and our team can put together each plastic assembly using solvent welding, custom gluing, machining, and mechanical assembly processes.

We maintain a close relationship with all of our customers throughout each step of the assembly process to ensure we meet every detail and design requirement. Plus, for any product requiring design assistance, our experienced staff are available to advise customers on the best-suited specialty material, such as extruded, injection molded, formed, or cast plastic materials.

Specialty Printing and Processing has provided engineered plastic assemblies for a wide range of products, including computers, lens assemblies, stainless steel ejection plates, monitors, viewing devices, controllers, RFI/EMI shield assemblies, custom assembly fixtures, potting molds, and dams. With a wide range of assembly options available, we can accommodate almost any specification and requirement. For example, for solvent/welded mechanical attachments, we can use brackets, clips, or inserts. We can do runs of one to tens of thousands, and we can implement a number of production processes, such as solvent welding, gluing, decorating, recycling, forming, routing, cutting, sorting, packing, and weigh counting. Our talented team also offers design assistance, including reverse engineering services, and will work with clients to bring about improved part functionality while ensuring optimal ease and order sequencing of assembly.

For the final touches, we offer several finishes, such as non-glare coatings, hard coatings, protective over-laminates, and different textures. Our finishing operations include laminating, slitting, power cutting/shearing, and die-cutting.

Throughout the entire assembly process, clients can rest assured that we are using top-of-the line equipment to provide the highest-quality assemblies available. Our facility houses state-of-the-art screen-printing equipment, engraving/marking equipment, dryers, cutting equipment, laminating equipment, packaging equipment, and various digital-printing tools.

Assembly Services From Specialty Printing and Processing

To learn more about our wide-ranging assembly services or discuss options for your next project, reach out to the team today.