Precision Screen Printing & Die Cutting of a PET Overlay for the Medical Industry

PET Overlay

This precision die cutting of a PET overlay for the medical industry showcases Specialty Printing & Processing’s ability to be involved in product development from evolution to production.

In this project we worked closely with a leading design firm during the development stages. Our expertise in materials and processes came to bear with many recommendations that would enhance the finished product’s overall operation and cost. The ability to affect projects in the early stages of development has allowed us to greatly enhance our customer’s products, and utilize cutting edge materials and processes.

With the objective of creating an graphic overlay to show control buttons on medical equipment, this product evolved from beta development to post-development production for our customer. We were involved in the creation of the beta design overlays at the initial design stages of the medical ventilation equipment and we then worked with the customer on post-development revisions as well. Finally, we went into final production of the overlay that is used today. Utilizing us as a partner throughout the process allowed our customer to tap into our experience and knowledge of our business processes. It also enabled us to provide suggestions to develop the best overlay to meet their needs.

This overlay featured dimensions of 5.307” in length, 4.839” in width, and was .007” thick; manufacturing also required tolerances of ±.005”. Tight tolerance work of this nature requires precision printing and die cutting, as well as the use of specialized inks and materials. Various inks were formulated to create the transparent, translucent dead fronts and barriers which exactly matched the required Pantone colors as well as selective pressure sensitive adhesive. We utilized a .007” thick PET material for the substrate which was finished with a matte non-glare autotype film to allow for visual ease. To test the quality of the product, as well as to ensure our customer’s goals were met, the overlays underwent visual and light table inspections to simulate the manner in which the overlays would be viewed.

The customer was extremely pleased with the process throughout, as well as the final product, and places multiple orders per year. Invite the experienced staff at Specialty Printing & Processing to partner with you to create the most appropriate product for your needs.

Highlights of this Precision Screen Printing & Die Cutting Project

PET Overlay Die Cutting
This Overlay is used to show control buttons on medical equipment.
Die Cutting Capabilities Applied/Processes
Die Cutting
Screen Printing
Punch Holes/Sand
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Semi-Automatic Clamshell Screen Printer
Steel Rule Clamshell Die Cutter
Wesco Laminator
Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 5.307″
Width: 4.839″
Height: 0.007″
Tightest Tolerances
± 0.005″
Material Used
Thickness: 0.007″
3m467 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Matte Finish
Material Finish
Matte Non-Glare-Utilized Autotype Film to Accomplish
In process testing/inspection performed
Visual and Light Table Inspection to Simulate LED Window Viewing
Industry for Use
Medical Industry
Delivery/Turnaround Time
2 Weeks of Production
Delivery Location
San Diego, California
Standards Met
Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name