Die Cutting of a Copper Foil Bottom Shield for the Motion Control Industry

Copper Foil Bottom Shield for a magnetic/electronic monitoring application

Based on our experience, award-winning staff, and ability to provide a wide array of solutions for our customers, Specialty Printing & Processing’s was recently commissioned by a customer in the motion control industry to develop a copper foil bottom shield for use within a magnetic/electronic monitoring application providing electronic shielding for the component.

Engineering of this project is a testament to our solution-based thinking and diverse capabilities. For this project we developed an innovative solution in which special inks were used to create selectively conductive images. This eliminated an entire component from the assembly, driving cost out of the product. Using AR Clad S-6738 1oz. rolled copper foil with pressure sensitive heat resistant acrylic adhesive and a 60 lb. release liner, the shield offered many tailored benefits that suited the customer’s specific requirements. We integrated polyester as an insulator from the copper shielding from the circuit board. Additional zone printed insulation protects the face of the shield from top surface components, while allowing selective bonding point to ground the shield. The pressure sensitive adhesive backing allows for accurate positioning during the assembly process prior to the assembly being completed. The completed copper foil bottom shields measured 4.435” long, .964” wide, and were within tight tolerances of ±0.005”. The 3575 piece product run was completed within a 7 day production cycle. Quality control was maintained through visual inspection and dimension measurement to ensure accuracy and functionality of the completed project.

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Highlights of this Copper Foil Die Cutting Project

Copper Foil Die Cutting
This Bottom Shield is used within a magnetic/electronic monitoring application
Die Cutting Capabilities Applied/Processes
Die Cutting
Screen Printing
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Clamshell Semi-Automatic Screen Printer
Steel Rule Die cutting Press
Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 4.435″
Width: .964″
Material Thickness:
.001 AR Clad Copper
.005 White Polyester
.004 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Tightest Tolerances
± 0.005″
Material Used
AR Clad S-6738 1oz. Rolled Copper Foil

  • Pressure sensitive heat resistant acrylic adhesive
  • 60 Pound Release Liner
  • Insulating Screen Printing Ink
  • .005″ White Polyester
  • .004 pressure sensitive mounting adhesive
Material Finish
Clear of Defects
Part is Unseen as It Is Burried In Potting Assembly
In process testing/inspection performed
Visual Inspection and Measurement of Dimensions
Industry for Use
Automation Industry/Tooling Monitoring for vibration
1 Application Is In Paper/Pulp Manufacturing
Delivery/Turnaround Time
5-7 Day Production Cycle
Delivery Location
Gurnee, Illinois
Standards Met
Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing to specs we provided
Product Name
Copper Foil Bottom Shield