Assembled Projects

Assembled Projects — An In-Depth Look at Our Assembly Capabilities

The team at Specialty Printing & Processing is proud to provide turnkey assembly solutions at industry-competitive prices. Serving as a trusted one-stop shop for customers across a range of industries, we offer numerous post-production services, including custom laminating, die cutting, kitting, packaging, assembly, and delivery.

To give a better idea of our wide-ranging capabilities and services, we’ve outlined a few of our past assembly projects below.

SanusAir Ozone Generators

A type of high-powered transformer, ozone generators require the use of an ozone plate to function. Ozone, which is activated oxygen, is created when voltage is applied to the ozone plate to create a corona discharge, taking oxygen out of the air and converting it to ozone.

The plates are electrically charged, and air is forced across them to produce ozone. Depending on the specific application, they then blow the ozone out into a room, car, or other area containing mold, bacteria, or fungus, effectively sanitizing the space.

One customer approached us in need of a major generator overhaul for their SanusAir models. Their wiring and control systems needed to be drastically altered, and essentially the whole machine was in need of a fix. Specialty Printing & Processing manufactured an entirely new cabinet, which was stamped, lasered, and powder coated. The electronics were made into a panel in order to run a circuit board that would control the device.

This was a complete product upgrade, and the client was very pleased with the overhaul. Offering great versatility, this solution can be used in a huge range of industries, including various processing sectors, food and beverage, hospitality, and transportation.

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Copper Shields for Circuit Boards

In another instance, a client was installing circuit boards in controllers, most of which would be used for vibration sensing in tool cutting applications within paper pulp mills. If tools started to become dull, they would vibrate, creating a noisy, uncomfortable atmosphere. In these situations, it’s crucial to employ electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference shielding in order to prevent the circuitry from coming in or out of the electronics, boards, and other items being processed. So, the client approached us requesting help in the development of this shielding.

Specialty Printing & Processing chose to use a 1.2-ounce dead soft copper shielding over the top of the board so electronic noise couldn’t go in or out. But the board also had to be insulated from the copper, or the copper shield would make a connection between the points on the board and short it out.

The solution? Placing a 5-millimeter sheath — a thin, laminated film — in between the shielding and the board to insulate it. An adhesive layer held it into place. Testing proved the solution was effective in preventing the emittance or receiving of electronic noise.

While other companies have tried to solve this problem by laying down insulation in multiple pieces or multiple skews, Specialty Printing & Processing used a multilayer construction process to produce a single piece, guaranteeing that the insulators and shielding wouldn’t move while putting the compound in place. This single piece now serves several critical functions in the overall setup of the final assembled part.

Case Study #3: Lids for Recycling Stations

Lids for Recycling Stations

At a major memorial golf tournament in Dublin, recycling receptacles were placed all over the course to prevent discarded items from blowing around. Specialty Printing & Processing created an innovative frame cover to hold down the recycling bags, as well as a lid to snap over them, allowing for an intuitive, highly effective design that would reduce waste and keep the venue clean and free of obstacles.

Applicable information was screen printed on the lid to allow for easy installation and easy removal when bags were full. And now, year after year, these lids are reused, in keeping with the venue’s commitment to green practices and reduce-reuse-recycle initiatives. This product exceeded the customer’s expectations, and we’re proud to play a part in protecting the planet.

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