Turn-Key Projects

Turnkey Projects: A Look at Some of Our Most Exciting Past Work

Here at Specialty Printing & Processing, our team works to provide custom printing solutions for a huge range of industries, from automotive to medical to food and beverage. Whether clients require a small order of screen printed label or a high-volume order of overlays and decals, we have a solution to meet their exact needs. And as our capabilities have evolved over the years, we’re now proud to offer system modification, manufacture, and assembly services for various commercial and industrial applications.

To better illustrate our services and capabilities, we’ve outlined a few particularly exciting turnkey projects we’ve completed for our clients.

Case Study #1: Automotive Windshield Repair Pump

Vacuum Pump Assemblies

One of our clients initially approached us regarding screen printed labels that would indicate the operation features of their windshield repair pump systems. We completed this job to their satisfaction, and our offerings grew as their application grew: They were eventually assembling the systems themselves, as well as manufacturing the writing harnesses used within them, and approached us asking for assistance with the manufacture of a modification for the vacuum pump used in their advanced repair technology pump system.

These vacuum pumps are used to evacuate air and moisture in windshield cracks before injecting resin while stressing and flexing the glass in the repair area. Pump functionalities were limited, however: Users could only turn it on or off, so they needed to enhance its capabilities with a modification.

We assisted in the manufacture of a new pump system, which allows for programming and sequencing, as well as sophisticated automated capabilities. The new pump has two key selling points: 1) It’s automatic and controlled, allowing for significant cost savings, as companies can save money on operator labor, and 2) the new design greatly improves overall repair quality. Specialty Printing & Processing was able to assist in turning a manual system into a process-controlled automatic one, which ends up paying for itself. The customer is very pleased with the new pump’s enhanced efficiency and high-quality repairs.

More information on our turn-key assembly services can be found here.

Case Study 2: Large-Format Concert Display

Large-Format Concert Display

For another client, we create a large-format graphics display every six weeks for the giant EXPRESS LIVE! indoor concert venue in Columbus, Ohio. The display is constructed of AlumiGraphics®, an innovative, wide-format printable media made of pliable aluminum foil with a white finish that accepts solvent, eco-solvent, latex, and UV inks.

Even when applied on a block or stone wall, the image tiles together perfectly. It’s also very durable, yet easily removable. Using multiple panels we provide 12/tx 18 ft image that displays as 1pc.

In this situation, our expert team was able to provide a solution that no other suppliers had even considered, allowing for the easy, seamless display of a large formatted graphic.

Other examples of our past work with signage can be found here.

Case Study #3: Hospital Drug Packet Catcher


There are many different types of pharmacy stations in hospitals. In main hospital pharmacies, drugs are already in packets, which are then delivered to substations within the building. In most facilities, a one-way trapdoor is utilized for dropoff. One of our clients was making use of this method, but came to us seeking a solution for some issues: Hospital workers often weren’t seeing the dropped-off medication packets, and, in some instances, they were ending up on the floor — presenting safety and hygienic hazards.

As an alternative solution, Specialty Printing & Processing designed a catch hopper made of thick acrylic. This new hospital drug station drug packet catcher design featured brackets for easy mounting on the wall. When the drug packet is inserted into the pharmacy substation, it falls into this hopper and remains in there until someone retrieves the medications.

Aside from preserving inventory and assisting with quality control, this new design also helps ensure optimal efficiency and timing, as pharmacy techs can easily see when a drug packet is in the hopper, and therefore won’t reorder unnecessarily. And since this solution cuts down on wasted pills, it ends up paying for itself.

Case Study #4: Food Conveyor Splice Kit

Food Conveyor Splice Kit

In the back of grocery stores, where food is packaged, conveyors are used to weigh, wrap, and label products. Several small belts run these conveyors, and one of our clients came to us with a specific problem: Whenever one of their belts broke or needed to be replaced, they made use of a splice kit, but this required the whole process to be halted, and belts had to be removed even for repairs.

Whenever they had an issue with a belt, they would use the kits to hook both ends of the belt and weld the belt together before trimming it as needed. A tool was used to draw it together, and a special knife on a soldering iron was used for welding. The process worked, but it was time-consuming and inefficient, so they came to us seeking an improved design.

The team at Specialty Printing & Processing knew we could optimize this kit. We made modifications that allowed the belt to be spliced in a way that it could be drawn in, brought up to the correct tension, and welded together — while still keeping the machine assembled and ready to run after the splice was complete. This could be used to repair old belts or install new ones without disassembly.

This allows for much faster repair and higher-quality fixes without having to stop the whole packaging process. Sanitation is therefore improved and, as with many of our past jobs, the improved efficiency and higher performance allow the new system to pay for itself.

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These are just a few examples of our turnkey capabilities. To learn more about our services and past jobs, or discuss how we can help with your unique needs, reach out to the team today.