What Specialty Printing & Processing Can Do With The Iridesse System

Specialty Printing & Processing provides top-quality printing services for customers based on their unique project specifications. To give our customers the best possible results for vinyl, polyester, and polycarbonate prints, we have implemented a highly efficient printing process. Specifically, using the Iridesse printing process, we have determined how to print at a significantly lower cost and much greater efficiency.

What Is the Xerox Iridesse Production Press?

The Xerox Iridesse production press is a new type of digital press used for printing on vinyl materials. It uses as many as six colors within the same pass, allowing for inline embellishment. In turn, customers benefit from superior results with each print job using this press.

Ultimately, using the Xerox Iridesse production press enables us to provide our customers with highly efficient prints while maintaining consistently great quality with each project. One of the main features that allows for this quality is the press’s Color FLX technology. This tech gives you the ability to use two specialty dry inks within a single pass, layering cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (CMYK) for color printing. At the same time, registration remains accurate across all colors.

Features of the Iridesse Printing Press

The Iridesse production press offers a few key features that help us deliver great results to our customers, which include:

  • A maximum of six inline print stations that are efficient and print within a single pass at a high rate, all while maintaining accurate registration from color to color
  • Specialty dry inks available in colors such as clear, white, gold, and silver that can enrich each project
  • Full Width Array technology that further increases efficiency through baselining the press
  • Mixed Media Xceleration (MMX) tech that boosts performance for mixed-stock projects

How SP&P Has Redefined the Iridesse System’s Capabilities

Using the Iridesse system, SP&P can print everything from polyester and vinyl labels and polycarbonate overlays to decorative trims and decals. We’ve also achieved similar results with our Indiego600, a paper printer we’ve used for printing templates, labels, overlays, decorative trims, and more.

Since acquiring the Xerox Iridesse production press, we’ve pushed it to its limits to maximize efficiency, durability, cost-effectiveness, color adhesion, and speed. In the process, we’ve worked to offset increasing printing costs, with these savings passed on to our customers in the form of more affordable printing services to help increase their bottom line.

One of the main benefits we’ve found with the Iridesse system is its ability to duplicate color. The press has the ability to duplicate, verify, and store various colors over a period of time, eliminating the need to rematch colors while allowing for optimal color stability and management. This also facilitates more cost-effectiveness, productivity, and efficiency.

How SP&P Has Improved Productivity

With the help of the Iridesse system and other efficient equipment, SP&P is able to make the most of its existing resources. We’re capable of providing our customers with the products we offer while using staff more efficiently, maintaining financial stability, and offsetting increasing material costs. In other words, we can do more with less.

A couple of specific benefits of using the Iridesse production press among other efficient systems include:

Expanded Applications

Our production press helps us serve all markets across a range of applications from medical device templates to decals and labels for businesses. Our long list of applications includes polycarbonate overlays, custom decals, product identifications, custom digital graphics, and specialty signage.


The efficiency of the Iridesse production press allows us to scale our services based on each customer’s needs, enabling us to keep up with customer growth and maintain sustainability. While printing materials may come with higher costs, our equipment has helped stabilize these expenses.

Learn More About SP&P’s Innovative Capabilities

The state-of-the-art printing equipment available at SP&P helps us provide our customers with the precise solutions they require, whether printing on vinyl or other materials that require specialized solutions. We work with each customer to understand their specific needs and provide the best available solution to get the job done right the first time.

Want to learn more about our printing capabilities? Request a consultation to discuss your next printing project with us, or reach out to us to speak with a representative about our services.

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