Aluminum Nameplates

AEC 0206 Screen Printed Lasered and Powdercoated Aluminum Overlay Switchplate

Specialty Printing & Processing is a premier aluminum nameplate supplier, boasting over 100 years of combined experience in custom printing services. We specialize in the latest digital and screen printing technologies for various products, including our popular aluminum nameplates and aluminum data plates.

Nameplates communicate product information and are often referred to as data plates when used for manufactured products or equipment. In addition to product names, nameplates or data plates can also include relevant information like manufacturer, serial numbers, contact information, and other data. Aluminum is a cost-effective and versatile material that offers a host of other advantages, making it a strong option for nameplates.

Advantages of Aluminum for Nameplates and Data Plates

Aluminum is an ideal metal for nameplates and data plates in certain applications. Benefits of aluminum data plates and nameplates include:

  • Lightweight and durable. This lightweight metal has a high strength-to-weight ratio. The combination of durability and low weight makes it the natural choice for many industries.
  • Corrosion resistance. In applications where equipment is exposed to harsh environments or corrosive elements, anodized aluminum offers some corrosion resistance. It resists deterioration in a variety of situations. In a very harsh environment, a stainless steel nameplate should be used.
  • Clear and clean presentation. Aluminum presents a high-contrast substrate for graphics. The color and luster provide an attractive and professional look for many applications, including offices or equipment surfaces.
  • Versatile. Low-density, flexible aluminum is easily formed into various shapes. Aluminum data plates and nameplates come in a variety of colors, sizes, thicknesses, and finishes.

Applications of Aluminum Nameplates

Many industries and applications select aluminum nameplates and data plates over other metals. Some applications include:

  • Industrial applications. The electrical, heavy machinery, and other industries use aluminum plates for branding, product and machinery IDs, specification labels, and safety labels.
  • Military and aerospace. The military, aerospace, and defense industries use anodized aluminum data plates for identification and instructional data to keep workers safe around lethal weapons. Aerospace applications include aircraft placards for safety information. By using our metal photo aluminum nameplates, we can provide MIL-SPEC aluminum data plates, information and/or warning nameplates.
  • Heavy machinery. Identifying, tracking, and providing critical information for heavy machinery is made easy with aluminum data plates. They can provide machine specifications and identification details, as well as crucial safety information.
  • Manufacturing. When printed with barcodes, aluminum data plates can be a critical part of your manufacturing facility’s asset tracking system. By scanning the barcode, you can easily locate or identify equipment.

Aluminum Nameplate Printing Services From Specialty Printing & Processing

At Specialty Printing & Processing, we understand that every business has different and specific requirements for their printed plate products. We offer a wide variety of colors and finishes, such as mirrored, brushed, milled, and more. Our printing capabilities can also accommodate high-temperature or heavy-duty industrial requirements, as well as serial number identification. In addition, we offer nameplate protection features like pre-masks or pre-clings. Talk to our team today to learn how we can accommodate your unique needs.

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Getting Started With Specialty Printing & Processing

Aluminum name and data plates offer an excellent way to display information regarding product numbers, safety information, and other important product data. Whether you need aluminum name or data plates, graphic overlay, assembly and sub-assembly services, or a complete turnkey printing solution, we have the capabilities you need. For questions, contact us today for a consultation or request a quote to start your order.