Introducing our New MVP: Delivering Better Quality without Inflated Price Tags

Advances in printing have come a long way over the last thirty years. This is thanks mostly to the advent and acceleration of digital printing technology. When comparing the capabilities of today’s digital equipment to how things were done back then, the differences are almost unimaginable. (We won’t bore you with the details.) Better yet, the technology continues to improve, bringing further increased quality, efficiency and other significant benefits.

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Delivering Better Quality without Inflated Price Tags

We Pushed the Limits, Again

The latest addition to our equipment lineup, our impressive Iridesse system, is no exception to the trend. It boasts a six-color engine, that can lay down CMYK in a single pass, in addition to specialty spot colors. (More on that later.) While this press is impressive right out of the box, we’ve already been able to push the limits of its capabilities. By leveraging the creative thinking and problem solving we’re well known for, we’ve adapted the use to our customer’s needs, materials and applications. For instance, we can print directly on plastics and other materials more efficiently with better quality than ever before. But there’s much more to it. 

Keeping the Lid on Prices

One of the greatest benefits of implementing this new technology is the ability for us to continue to offer competitive and predictable pricing, at a time when price tags seem to grow larger by the day. There are several factors that contribute to this:

  • The equipment is faster 
  • It’s less expensive to operate, with lower maintenance costs
  • The increased speed, efficiency and quality helps compensate for continually increasing material costs. This allows us to absorb those increases, rather than passing them along to our customers.
  • Significantly improved uptime. This means we can be more productive, while minimizing material and wasted resources.

Wait. It Can Do WHAT?

In addition to improved overall performance, the equipment can do some pretty cool things that help reduce process time and increase quality. For instance, it can lay down white, gold or silver. Previously, extra steps using additional equipment were required to achieve this. It also boasts a higher resolution, 1200×1200. While this capability isn’t new, the fact that it can achieve this without slowing down is a big benefit. This equates to noticeably better quality, without increasing runtime. Further, it offers us better color control, thanks to an onboard spectrophotometer. That’s just a fancy way of saying improved color matching and consistency across the run, and from job to job. 

The Machine is Green!

Not only do customers benefit from all of this, but so does the environment. The machine operates much cleaner than its predecessors. In fact, it’s almost chemical free. Better yet, it doesn’t create any waste! None, it doesn’t even have a waste tank. Environmentally speaking, this is a vast improvement. As an added bonus, it also consumes less power. 

Improved quality. Reduced manufacturing expense. Increased speed, reliability and uptime. All of this adds up to giving us the ability to make your products look great, without destroying your budget. 

Curious to see how you can benefit from this impressive technology? Reach out to us with your needs today. 

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