Specialty Signage

Specialty Printing & Processing strives to produce and provide unique and high-quality specialty signage at a competitive price but with good value for the products provided. Diverse offerings of materials, thickness, size, and shape are only part of the solutions we offer. Custom mounting, hanging, adhering, supporting, reinforcing, and display preparations are some of the creative solutions offered to facilitate the customer signage display needs. We offer metal, plastic, synthetic, wood, and flexible film products for signage application requirements.

Custom Metal Signs

Custom metal sign options include screen printing, digital printing, vinyl lettering, chemically etched and filled, and square, radius or notched corners, with mounting holes optional. We offer one-sided, two-sided, full-color options with outdoor durable inks and reflective options. Many materials and forming options are available. 4 ft x 8 ft is the maximum size available.

Custom Plastic or Synthetic Signs

Custom plastic or synthetic sign options and specifications include screen printing, digital printing, vinyl lettering, square cut and custom cut shapes, diecut for higher volume requirements, and one-sided or two-sided unique display options. Our custom plastic or synthetic signs can be formed with many material options. Material options are available for custom applications, mounting holes, and adhesive applications. We offer options from full coverage to individual strips or selective adhesive. There are many thicknesses and many sizes available. In most cases, the maximum standard size availability is 4 ft x 8 ft.

Flexible Film Signs

Flexible film sign options and specifications include screen printing, digital printing, vinyl lettering, square cut, custom plotted or diecut, provided with pressure sensitive adhesives to be applied to a wide variety of mounting surfaces including rough textured surfaces, brick, block, stone, asphalt, concrete, besides the normal surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic, vehicles, and some painted wood surfaces.

For materials such as banner material, we also offer grommets, pole pouches, velcro, and corner rope attachment points. Most flexible films are limited to 60 inches and can be tiled to create wider products while the maximum length of a roll of material usually stops at 150 feet. We can provide up to 14 ft tall banners and have provided 100 ft long standard banner weights with scrim available.

To learn more about how we can assist with your specialty signage needs, reach out to the team today.