Medical Equipment Labels

Medical devices and equipment must display a medical label communicating important data in compliance with industry regulatory requirements. Medical labels often use unique device identifiers (UDI) and other regulatory symbols to provide vital information to healthcare professionals who need to know more about the medicine and equipment they use in their everyday tasks. These labels are uniquely designed to withstand sterilization, cleaning solvents, and other challenges typical of a medical environment. 

Specialty Printing and Processing provides unmatched custom label printing solutions for various components and finished applications. We leverage modern systems and programs to accommodate specific product-labeling requirements to suit your unique medical equipment labeling needs.

Why Are Medical Equipment Labels Important?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandates that all medical equipment be labeled appropriately and made accessible to the users of the equipment. Proper labeling includes clearly displaying the identification, use, and applications of the medical device. The information required depends on the type of device and its intended use. Failure to label devices can result in loss of or damage to the equipment and even injury or loss of life. The most common data displayed on medical labels typically include:

  • Information on compliance, standards, practices, instructions, and warnings
  • Instructions on how to properly use the equipment to avoid risks of misuse by users
  • Relevant data regarding patient safety
  • The processes the medical equipment supports

Medical Equipment Label Applications

Medical device labeling ensures the safe and effective use of medical equipment. Labels inform both caregivers and patients about the proper use, risk, and benefits of a specific device in language they can understand. Medical equipment labels also provide health professionals a better understanding of the equipment’s operation, care, and maintenance. It offers crucial information on safety and disposal processes. Medical equipment labeling is available in many formats. Typical applications of medical equipment labels include:

  • Asset management labels
  • Warning labels
  • Hazard labels 
  • Control panel overlays 
  • Battery labels 
  • UL labels 
  • Equipment safety data decals
  • Sales & service stickers
  • Inventory tracking decals and asset management
  • Inspection stickers 
  • Service contact information stickers
  • Maintenance and operation instructions 
  • Power requirements

Medical Equipment Label Printing Options

There are several printing options when it comes to medical equipment labels. Some of the commonly utilized medical equipment label printing options include:

Screen printing: Screen printing applies a mesh pattern to the product surface, then presses ink onto the product to produce text or an image. At Specialty Printing and Processing, we offer a range of custom screen printing capabilities designed to meet your specific needs. Our print shop has multiple in-house presses compatible with numerous ink systems, including solvent, epoxy, water-based, enamel, and UV types. We can accommodate various print sizes, textures, and shapes, including unusual or uniquely shaped products with special screens and fixtures.

Digital printing: Digital printing offers a cost-effective method for printing custom labels with crisp texts, vibrant colors, and photo-quality graphics. Specialty Printing and Processing provides comprehensive digital printing services for a myriad of components and finished applications. We are committed to offering top-quality customized printing solutions that meet the requirements of all industries and applications. Our highly experienced team can achieve a 1,200-dots-per-inch (DPI) resolution and up to a 2,880 DPI to meet the needs of projects with special requirements.

Roll labeling: Roll labels adopt a rolled format. These labels can only be printed via dedicated label printers, including inkjet roll printers, transfer printers, or direct thermal printers. We provide several types of roll labels that come in all shapes and sizes and can be printed in full color. Our custom roll labels can be designed to be compatible with a variety of label dispensers for faster application.

In addition to the equipment used, Specialty Printing and Processing can also provide direct print on medical equipment without the use of a label.

Medical Equipment Label Capabilities at Specialty Printing

Specialty Printing and Processing is the leading designer and manufacturer of custom labels and decals designed to meet the needs of your application. We leverage screen printing, digital printing, and roll labeling techniques to offer high-quality, durable labels that withstand exposure to weather, abrasion, and other harsh conditions. Regardless of your medical application, you can trust the experienced Specialty Printing & Processing team to design the ideal label for you. Contact us today to request a consultation.