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What Specialty Printing & Processing Can Do With The Iridesse System

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Specialty Printing & Processing provides top-quality printing services for customers based on their unique project specifications. To give our customers the best possible results for vinyl, polyester, and polycarbonate prints, we have implemented a highly efficient printing process. Specifically, using the Iridesse printing process, we have determined how to print at a significantly lower cost […]

How to Choose the Right Metal Nameplate for Your Application

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Metal nameplates are used in many diverse applications to display information clearly. As a highly customizable product, there are numerous factors to consider when developing a nameplate for any given application. This blog post will discuss the types of nameplates, their production processes, and other key design considerations. Things to Consider When Selecting a Metal […]

Benefits of Contract Manufacturing for Printed Components and Finished Goods

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Recent global events have put countless manufacturers in the difficult position of being unable to supply product, mostly due to circumstances beyond their control. Material scarcities, labor shortages, inability to get materials shipped in and goods shipped out, the list goes on. As a result, manufacturers have since been forced to reconsider their entire supply […]

Introducing our New MVP: Delivering Better Quality without Inflated Price Tags

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Advances in printing have come a long way over the last thirty years. This is thanks mostly to the advent and acceleration of digital printing technology. When comparing the capabilities of today’s digital equipment to how things were done back then, the differences are almost unimaginable. (We won’t bore you with the details.) Better yet, […]

Technical Considerations for Screen & Digital Printing

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With over 60 years in the industry, Specialty Printing & Processing understands the unique technical considerations involved with digital and screen printing. Our expert team provides turnkey solutions for simple or complex printing projects. Learn more about our capabilities and what you must consider when choosing a printing method for your application.   Custom Printing […]

Achieving the ‘Impossible’: Printing on Complex Metal Fabricated Powder Coated Parts

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“If it’s not flat, it can’t be printed on.” That’s the prevailing thought when it comes to printing directly on fabricated powder-coated parts. Yet, printing in some form, whether directly or indirectly, is required for marking, instructions, and of course, branding. While it is typically challenging to print directly for several reasons, we can tell […]

Polycarbonate graphic overlay

What Are Graphic Overlays?

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Graphic overlays are a vital component of many products. These film sheets are printed with text and designs that serve critical functional and/or aesthetic purposes, such as indicating how to use the product and conveying a brand message. That’s why it is important to design and manufacture them appropriately for their given applications. They are […]

Metal Nameplate

How to Choose the Right Adhesive for Your Nameplates

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When ordering custom nameplates, buyers will typically focus on how they will be made and what they will look like. However, many will forget to think about how they will be attached to the surface. This consideration is important because it can affect how easy or hard the nameplates will be to use once they […]