Creative Project Solutions

Creative Projects — A Look Back at Some Our Most Innovative Work

No matter how complex or unusual a particular challenge, Specialty Printing & Processing will find a solution to fit the exact needs of the application. Our expert team is trained to think outside of the box, and we pride ourselves on constant improvement and innovation in everything we do.

Below are a couple of examples of the creative project solutions we’ve delivered to our clients over the years.

Case Study #1: Windshield Repair Heating & Adhesive

Windshield Repair Heating Adhesive

One of our automotive customers was having trouble completing windshield repairs when the glass was below 70 °F; the resins used in their repair process were not flowing well at temperatures that low, and the windshields weren’t flexing correctly because it was too cold. One option was to use torches and other sources of heat to warm the glass, but this wasn’t ideal, as extreme temperature swings can actually cause a windshield to crack. So, they approached us for an alternative.

At Specialty Printing & Processing, we make different kinds of heaters for a range of applications and industries, so we set to work figuring out a tailored solution. We manufactured a windshield heater that would work for this specific application. Then, we created a removable, custom-engineered adhesive that the customer could stick to the inside of the windshield near the cracked area. (Typically, if a chip is smaller than 1.5 inches in diameter, about the size of a silver dollar, it can usually be repaired.

The removable adhesive would still allow heat to transmit to the windshield, and when repairs were completed, it would easily peel off; the windshield would be clean, and the adhesive would be thrown away. With this process, cleanup is nearly nonexistent. Windshields can now be heated in a way that the temperature remains at 70 °F, and the glass repair can be completed from the outside while still allowing for effective resin flow.

This solution allows for quick, easy repair, and the windshields flex properly. The customer no longer has to worry about finding a way to safely complete lower-temperature repairs. Specialty Printing & Processing has made about 100 of these custom adhesives for the client, and they’re now being tested across Europe, awaiting approval for distribution in the European marketplace.

In the production of these sophisticated adhesives, we make use of screen printing, laminating, die cutting, epoxy welding, and clear potting. Our team strategically sources the custom-designed adhesive to ensure optimal performance and quality.

Case Study #2: WatchPad Monitoring Device for Special Needs Patients

WatchPad Monitoring Device for Special Needs Patients

Often employed in medical facilities, assisted living environments, and senior citizen residences, innovative WatchPad products are used for monitoring special needs and elderly patients, ensuring they remain safe and comfortable. If there’s potential for an accident, or an accident should occur, caregivers are able to be notified immediately. The ChairPad, for instance, attaches to the base of a patient’s wheelchair. If he or she begins to fall, three layers of electrodes sense the change in weight and alert the caregiver or medical practitioner. The device provides an audible notification. Similarly, the BedPad sets off an alarm if someone confined to a bed starts to move, so every attempt can be made to prevent a fall.

Previously, the WatchPad was made with thin aluminum pads, allowing for the inclusion of a large capacitor. But after just a month of a patient sitting on this, the aluminum would inevitably crack and fail, rendering the whole unit useless. To remedy this, the team at Specialty Printing & Processing was able to develop a special polyester as a replacement material — a unique metallization system with a flexible capacitator that lasts for years.

Working with our trusted suppliers and securing top-quality custom materials, our team began to build the new product, doing our own laminating, grounding, gluing, assembly, and screen printing. We also created the entire monitoring system and all of its circuitry, completed the electrical work, and did the print work for the controller switch.

Today, the WatchPad is highly touted, with the new polyester pads allowing the product to last for years rather than days. Along with FLEXcon Corp., the company we partnered with to create the new material, we won the Technology of the Year Award from the Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCL) for this innovative design.

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